Working with a pair can increase motivation and reduce the workload


Working with a pair can provide support with challenging learning tasks. It is useful to have someone to share tasks and information with, who is targeting to same learning goals. Working with a pair enables rephrasing problems and to explain solutions for someone with approximately the same skill level.

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  • It can be very useful to have someone to explain the problem and possible solutions aloud when working on a new task or a problem. This forces one to articulate things in a more structured manner.
  • In a blended learning course, pairs or small study groups can be formed to support accomplishing assignments and to provide more collaboration for participants otherwise interacting only online.
  • Reading or delivering other tasks that require focusing can be easier with a pair delivering a similar task, even though the topic studied would be different. It is easier to stick to the routines with a pair.
  • With long term projects, sharing your progress and issues daily with someone. This helps you see more clearly what needs to be done next.

Difficult problems often seem to solve themselves when explained to someone. Pair work also provides more clarity and mental resources to solving a challenging task.

Do you run into problems in your daily work, that could be solved more efficiently together with a colleague?

Does your team share their progress and problems with regular intervals?