Testing improves learning outcomes in addition to measuring one's knowledge level


Testing is not only a method to measure the level of skills. It also improves learning outcomes. This is why it makes sense to benefit from it even when there is no need to measure the achievement of a specific skill level. Testing and exercises can be embedded into a learning process in various different ways.

Photo by Ben Mullins / Unsplash
  • Summarizing to a piece of paper what you just read after finishing a chapter of a book
  • Taking a formal test on the topic, or asking a skillful person to ask questions about the topic after finishing a learning module
  • Explaining the key learning points from a seminar or a lecture to a colleague over a cup of coffee
  • Adding small assingments and questions here and there when building an online course

Regular self-assessment improves skills for objective self-evaluation and accepting criticism. Adopting the habit of self-assessment may help to enforce growth mindset and learning culture.

What kind of self-evaluation tasks you could give to yourself to be delivered regularly?

How could you help your team members to test their skills regularly?