Managing stress will help you manage your learning


Stress is known to impair memory retrieval and therefore may cause difficulties during the learning process. Sometimes stress caused by deadlines, exams or fear of failure may cause people to severly underperform, and skills develpment may even stop. Therefore reasonable stress management is part of successful self-development and learning processes.

Full focus at a coffee shop
Photo by Tim Gouw / Unsplash
  • Flexible scheduling, by dividing the learning process into short periods with frequent small deadlines and a reasonable margin for delays, will make it easier to manage the workload of learning, as it does with any other project
  • Providing constructive and encouraging feedback during the training will support the trust into one's ability to overcome challenges
  • To prepare for a big exam, it can be helpful to organize a number of smaller exams for oneself, and correcting the answers using course materials
  • When providing training for others, it is better to motivate the training with the benefits of the new knowledge and skills, rather than only with the negative consequences of failing
  • Human life is rich with diverse events and phases - learning goals have to be in balance with the energy one has available, and adapted to the general life situation

Good stress management in life will pay back in many ways. Therefore it is reasonable to give some thought on the topic.

In which learning-related situations you feel stress, and how could you make those situations easier for yourself?

Review your team habits on setting deadlines and intermediate goals - is there something you could improve?