Storified knowledge is easier to learn and remember - as well as more pleasurable to listen


People love stories. They are not only pleasurable to listen or read, but also easy to remember and illustrative. Storifying the topics to be learned makes them easier to understand and remember. There are many ways in which sorifying can be applied.

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  • Finding and reading case studies on the topic under study
  • Building a fictional story illustrating the phenomena and cause and effect relationships studied to support memory
  • Starting each new learning module with a case study illustrating the topic to be studied and it's importance
  • Trying to find a story illustrating the topic from one's own life experiences or public sources, such as newspapers or industry literature

Learning from experiences - from your own as well as from the experiences of others - is too powerful a resource to be dismissed in your own learning and team development. Give a thought how you could benefit from it

How could you expose yourself regularly to relevant case studies that would support your professional development?

What practices does your team have for documenting and sharing real life cases in your company?