The people we share our time with will influence our development


The people with whom we share our time with have a huge influence on us. When they encourage us or share the same passion, we gain motivation and energy to work harder. On the other hand, if people around us do not give value to our efforts or accomplishments, proceeding with our goals becomes more burdensome. Therefore it is important to consider whom we spend our time with.

High school running back on his way to scoring a touchdown with coaches and fans looking on.
Photo by Keith Johnston / Unsplash
  • Participating in a course or online community with people studying the same topic enables to interact with people who share the same interests and will be able to help with challenges related to the topic.
  • It is worth the effort to be the first one in the group to actively encourage others - starting by showing example for others is the easiest way to create encouraging work culture.
  • It is wise to keep in mind that people don't always share your interests and may not see the value that those things have for you. Underrating them rarely has the intention to insult - often it is simple unawareness of your perspective.
  • If someone among your family or friends underrates your studies or projects, it might be wise to avoid the topic in that company, or to be prepared to take the time to explain why the topic is important for you, and to explicitly ask for a respectful tone.
  • Teaming up with hardworking people with a growth mindset and drive for self-development will support your growth. When people around you have higher level of expertise it will help you to grow faster.

The culture and values of people you interact with in your daily life will make a difference. Managing your social environment and your impact on the people around you will help you all thrive.

What kind of community could support your development and how could you participate in that community?

How could you contribute to the learning culture of your team?