Healthy sleeping habits forego productive days


Sleeping is probably one of the easies and most pleasurable ways of improving learning results. Having a good sleep both the night before and the one after learning activities gives energy for studies and improves memory. Building healthy sleeping habits and taking sufficient brakes will cumulate into a series of more productive days throughout one's life.

Photo by Jordan Whitt / Unsplash
  • When planning a seminar or training, organizing the schedules and travel so that the day doesn't start earlier than habitual for the participants
  • Using the pomodoro-technique and scheduling a few minutes brake every 20 minutes while reading.
  • Building an online course in small modules so that taking small breaks is easier.
  • Avoiding excess alcohol, late evening heavy exercise and other factors that could reduce the quality of sleep

Taking the sufficient sleep and rest will require both planning and understanding your individual needs. Be also considerate towards the needs of others people - they may differ radically from your ones.  

What could be improved in your sleeping habits and how?
What kind of opportunities does your team  have for taking small breaks when needed?