Awareness of one's development boosts learning motivation


Motivation influences learning outcomes. Being aware of the reward from  acquiring new skills and studying demanding topics makes it easier to put time and effort in the process and keep delivering on challenging tasks.

Photo by Dylan Gillis / Unsplash
  • Writing down the gains you are expecting to get from reading a book, participating a course or a seminar, practicing new skills
  • Sharing learning goals and expectations with others participating the same course or working with the same project
  • When providing learning materials for others, explaining course benefits explicitly in the course introduction and benefits of each course module in the beginning of each module
  • Reflecting regularly the development of your skills and knowledge when delivering difficult tasks and participating challenging or risky projects.

To keep your own and your team motivation high consider the practices that will make you all more aware of your development and the gains from making the effort to develop new skills.

What are the most challenging tasks you are delivering on and how will they improve your skills?
What kind of practices you could create to make your team reflect on their own development regularly?