Physical exercise and learning performance


Looking after your health contributes to both your performance and well-being. Exercise improves blood circulation and brain function, as well as helps to feel more energetic and ready to face new challenges. Taking care of your body is fundamental for taking care of your mental performance.

Photo by Matthew LeJune / Unsplash
  • Scheduling some time for sports can improve both performance and quality of life. Podcasts and audiobooks can help to combine learning and exercise.
  • It is useful to schedule a training day or an online course so that the participants can take small breaks and get some fresh air during the day. Encouraging people to take a short walk during the brake helps them to stay focused.
  • Team meetings can often be held standing or walking - this also helps to keep them shorter. Notes can be taken with a mobile device or by dictation.
  • If you need to spend long hours reading books or working on a computer, it can be useful to stand up and take a few steps every once in a while. You can schedule the breaks beforehand or take a break after each chapter or module.

Finding time for exercise can sometimes feel challenging, but the improvement in performance and well-being is worth the effort. If you can exercise with others, it will also boost your social life.

How can you schedule exercise to your weekly routines?

Which activities your team could perform standing or walking?