Learning together with your peers is both motivating and efficient


Peer learning means collaborating with other learners to meet the educational goals. It is known to be motivating and an efficient way to learn. Peer learning can be applied in many different ways, such as working in teams to deliver an assignment, peer reviewing other's tasks, and group discussions.

All Hands On Deck
Photo by Perry Grone / Unsplash
  • Building a presentation together with other learners and giving it to a wider group
  • Organizing spaces and channels for different kind of discussions, feedback and ideas.
  • Sharing information in blogs, events and social media and participating in the triggered discussions.
  • In an online course, participating in course discussions or writing peer reviews to assignments
  • Having a feedback discussion with your pair after delivering a project together.

Collaborating helps everyone to develop. Therefore building practices for peer learning can help you and your team - as well as others collaborating with you.

What learning communities could you contribute to in order to build your skills?

How could your team adopt peer reviewing or group discussions as a part of delivered projects?