Microlearning - building your knowledge in small steps


In microlearning studies are split into brief learning moments. One doesn’t need much time for each learning module, as the learning only takes some minutes at a time. Microlearning is useful for example when you want to schedule the learning tightly into your everyday life, when you need a lot of short rehearsals or when the full course feels like too much to approach in larger chunks.

iPhone and tall coffee
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa / Unsplash
  • Support language studies by reading one or two news articles in the foreign language every day
  • After a training one can practice what was learned by using small daily exercises
  • Reading weekly or daily newsletters or blogs from one's own area of expertise
  • Dividing an online course into small sections to be learned daily or weekly
  • Studying a page or two along with your breakfast coffee

With microlearning you can easily add brief learning moments into your daily life, especially by combining it with your other routines. It is an easy and efficient way to add some learning within your other tasks.

What things would benefit you, if practiced briefly and often?

How could micro learning be combined with some of the weekly routines of your team?