Making long term goals achievable


Most remarkable achievements in life require the ability to work towards long term goals. However, working towards long term goals is often a real challenge. Few of us have the persistence to keep working for months or even years to achieve competence in any field if the work itself is not motivating - therefore it is important to make the journey towards the goals rewarding itself.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes / Unsplash
  • Dividing long term goals into smaller and easier to achieve goals often helps to get started and to make the progress more concrete. Writing down a target schedule with concrete subgoals will help to proceed towards the long term goal.
  • In an online course, it can be very useful to give concrete instructions on how to schedule regular studies. Advising students to schedule the number of hours needed per week for the studies may help them to progress in time.
  • For long term work, it is important to choose the type of exercises one enjoys accomplishing as well as a motivating environment. Therefore it can be useful to take a moment for choosing the working methods that are most motivating.
  • Finding a study group to participate and meet regularly can provide support and motivation to keep working towards goals. A study group can also be a great source of information and study methods.

Take a moment to plan how to increase your chances to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, especially how to make working towards them more motivating.

What are the working methods you find most rewarding and motivating?

What are the subgoals that the goals set for your team could be divided into?