You are what you repeat - and you accomplish what you schedule


Your learning habits will define how your knowledge adds up in the long run. When your learning has been scheduled and planned in advance it has a time and place in your calendar - just as doing sports or any other habit you perform to develop yourself.

running to the top
Photo by mauro paillex / Unsplash
  • Reading a paper while having your morning coffee.
  • Listening a podcast while driving to work.
  • Running a 15 minutes daily meeting with your team.
  • Discussing a new topic with an industry specialist over a lunch
  • Studying a module of an online course before leaving from work.
  • Listening a piece of an audiobook when exercising.
  • Reading a chapter of a book before bedtime.

To keep constantly learning, give a thought on how you have integrated learning into your own daily routines - and the daily routines of your team.

What are the most important learning routines for you?
How about your team or your company?