Learning by teaching


Teaching others is both an efficient and motivating way to learn. Teaching requires covering the topic oneself first, then being able to articulate the knowledge acquired in a comprehensible way and finally answering questions related to the topic. It also builds confidence in one's skills and competence - as well as reveals opportunities to expand one's knowledge.

Photo by You X Ventures / Unsplash
  • A book can be studied in a group by dividing it into smaller parts and giving each group member the responsibility to teach one part to others and to design a simple test to validate learning.
  • In an online course, peer reviews are an easy way to make the course participants to evaluate the given answers and to explain the correct answers for each other.
  • Building presentations for others gives clear deadlines and goals for covering the topic.
  • Writing regular blog posts or social media updates on a specific topic requires constant learning about the topic and the discussions related to the posts help to learn new viewpoints.

Teaching others teaches taking responsibility for the learning of the team and supports knowledge sharing. Giving your team members the chance to shine in presenting and teaching can build their confidence in their own competence.

What would be the right channel for you to regularly share your knowledge on the topic you want to improve in?

What would be the next opportunity for your team to share the teaching responsibility?