Getting started with your new goals


Getting started with new goals and projects can be both exciting and challenging. When the reaching of your goals takes several weeks or even months of work, just building a habit of regular exercises for approacing the goal will take some time and planning. Once the routines are in place, measuring your progress and adjusting your plans accordingly will help you approach the goals.

Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash
  • Once you have defined your goals and divided them into concrete subgoals, try to measure your progress regularly and compare that to the plan. For many of us, it is easier to follow our progress on a weekly basis than to simply execute monthly or yearly plans.
  • Remove the obstacles for progress. Reserve the time in your calendar, keep the equipment needed available, and make sure you have the space needed for delivering your exercise. It is also useful to plan how to overcome the most likely challenges you will face when working towards your goals.
  • Working on your exercises can be useful even when you are not performing on your highest level, or when you don't feel like doing it. Prefer doing something instead of entirely skipping the exercise, as this will help you build and preserve the routine.
  • Sharing your goals with your friends and family can provide remarkable support. Often it is also useful to team up with people who share the same goals or interests.

Turning your goals into action always takes effort and often also requires adjusting the plans. However, systematic and goal-oriented work also delivers valuable results.

What would it require for you to form a habit that supports your planned goal?

What obstacles your team should remove to support their performance?