Finding time for learning


Finding time to study new topics or practicing new skills is a real challenge for most of us. However, with proper planning, conscious effort, and some creativity, learning can be fit even into tight schedules. Taking advantage of modern technology will provide remarkable help here.

Photo by Andrik Langfield / Unsplash
  • Binding learning to some habits you already have makes it easier to adopt new learning routines and to find time for them. Listen to audiobooks when jogging, study online courses while commuting or use your afternoon break to read a page or two.
  • Many topics can be studied in audiobooks or podcasts that are easy to listen to while traveling to work, exercising, or delivering daily household tasks. Buying a good pair of earphones enables you to cancel the noise and to focus on the topic.
  • E-learning courses and learning applications enable studying on the go and whenever you have a brief moment to return to your smartphone. Using them allows us to take advantage of time spent in public transportation, waiting for the next activity, or enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Design your learning schedule beforehand so that you know what you should do and when you would have time for that. Things put into your calendar have a time and place reserved for them and are, therefore, more likely to happen.

Planning, prioritizing, and combining things help to embed new learning activities into your daily life. Small daily steps taken, among other tasks, can cumulate into big leaps in skills development.

Which learning methods you could combine with your current routines?

How could your team find more time to learn?