Encouragement is fuel for development


The encouragement received from our friends or colleagues can provide a remarkable boost in our motivation. We wish our efforts to be acknowledged and to have a chance to celebrate our accomplishments with other people - as well as to receive support from them when we struggle to proceed with our goals. Encouraging others can also be a great source of happiness and support your personal growth.

Go Get ‘Em
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash
  • Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging people can boost  your development remarkably. Similarly, it is sometimes wise to take  some distance with the people whose feedback is not healthy or  constructive.
  • In an online course, you can add motivational  texts to highlight what has already been learned and accomplished.  Similarly, it is useful to explain what will be accomplished by taking  the course or a specific module.
  • Try to focus on the  opportunities for improvement as well as the accomplishments when  reviewing your own development. Make the criticism as actionable as  possible, so that it will provide guidelines for future activities  instead of discouragement.
  • If you wish your work environment to  develop more encouraging, it is best to lead the change by example.  Encourage others in their work, give recognition for their  accomplishments, and provide support for their challenges, and it is  more than likely you will receive more encouragement yourself.

Learning to encourage others as well as yourself boosts both your performance and personal growth. Therefore it is worth making a habit.

What kind of encouragement do you appreciate?

What would make it easier and more frequent to encourage others in your team?