Small improvements will add up into a big difference in performance


High performance is rarely achieved overnight, but typically as a result of continuous development. Making the improvements so small, that they feel easy to accomplish is both motivating and impactful. There are various ways to embed continuous improvement into the projects one delivers.

Charting Goals
Photo by Isaac Smith / Unsplash
  • Arranging a team communication channel to collect and discuss ideas when they occur
  • Bringing up one challenge or a problem of daily work per week to be solved together in weekly team meetings.
  • Making improvement visual and concrete: e.g. moving a marble ball from a jar to another each time a practice has been accomplished
  • Budgeting time and resources beforehand for testing new ideas and learning new skills.
  • Continuously measuring results to keep track of development and to find opportunities for improvement

To make sure your team keeps continuously improving, it is useful to keep measuring the actions taken as well as results, and to enhance your processes with opportunities to discuss possible improvements.

How could you make your development more measurable and therefore trackable to youself?
Does your team has a convenient time and place for suggesting improvements?