Blended learning combines the benefits of classroom training and e-learning


Different learning and teaching methods can be combined in a way that brings together the benefits of both methods. Blended learning combines classroom training with e-learning to deliver the benefits of both methods in support of the same learning goals. Combining online modules with classroom training sessions brings together the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of e-learning with personal interactions of the classroom training.

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist / Unsplash
  • In flipped classroom method theory is studied online before the classroom sessions which are dedicated to practicing skills and solving problems instead of lecturing.
  • Complementing an online course with intensive one-to-one coaching with the trainer is an efficient and personal way to correct the problems that had occurred during online studies.
  • Studying a new language can be supported with online language learning applications and mobile flashcards between the lectures.
  • Providing a selection of online resources for the participants of classroom training enables them to complement and personalize the course for their interests.

Finding the method that is best suited for the purpose takes a moment of planning but enables more efficient usage of time and other resources - often delivering better learning results.

Which online resources you could use to complement your learning activities?

Which modules of the next training your team is going to participate in are most efficient to deliver on-site? Which should be delivered online?