Active learning is worth the effort


Actively using the presented knowledge is a more efficient way to learn than simple listening or reading. It helps to connect the studied topic with other knowledge and to observe it from a wider perspective. Learning can be enhanced by adding activating elements into the process.

Photo by Sarah Brown / Unsplash
  • Writing down the most important concepts and the presented cause and effect relationships after having participated in a training
  • Discussing good and bad sides of the topic studied
  • Adding assignments and discussions into an online course when delivering online education for others
  • When participating in a seminar, setting a goal to ask 3 questions about the topic
  • Writing or acting out a story that illustrates the phenomena just studied

Active learning is more demanding, but delivers more results in return to the energy it takes. Therefore it is worth the effort to give a moment to think how to activate the learning process.

What activating elements you could add into reading when starting a new book?
How could you increase the impact of the next training session your team is going to participate in?